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Hi, everyone. This is nan from A Room with a View.

After having been left here for more than 2 years, life changed a lot on me.

I finally became an employee in a japanese incorporation, where located in Tokyo.

My revenue isn’t as idealized as I expected it to be, but I learnt to enjoy the present.

As an interpreter, I start my life from speaking good japanese, then my aim to be a good japanese-chinese interpreter.

I spend my free time by walking my dog or sipping a cup of coffee in a book&coffee shop.

I think life is fair to everyone. Because we are the only person with rights to change everything around us if we would like to.

We can’t change others’ attitude but we can change how we deal with others. We can’t change how the powerful ones deal with us but we can change the way that ourselves being used to dealing with them.

Love everyone else means loving ourselves.

See you soon!







No.1clicked Indie Folk Song in China,! By 翁乙仁

I translated this song. Check out  her blog if you like. .

翁乙仁 is a college student in Peking  Unisversity.This song tells about Chinese social situations correctly.There is  chinese culture in it,I can’t even understand few words if I am out ! Read through first,I will add more culture thing afterwards.

I never translated any lyrics before. As our new year festival is coming ,I’d like to draw an end to last year by this song.

词Lyricist: 邵夷贝

 曲Composer: 邵夷贝

制作人:翁乙仁 编曲/和声/配唱:翁乙仁


During this year of 2009 ,too many idols who represent a century said goodbye to the world,


 During this year of 2009,there are too many  justified  words   .


For  everlasting ,Both current events and special topics commemorated this year,


Social news are service plates encircled by CUPS as usual. (杯具 is homophonic to misery)


China,our motherland welcomed its 60 years old  birthday,


Barack Obama visited Asia while stayed in China longer.


Foreigner are still auctioning our “the Old Summer Palace”.


Displeased chinese had rather buy it back.

 嘿 你终于睁开了你的双眼,

Hey,you  opened your eyes eventually,


To figure out all the   transitions  around.

嘿 不要再模糊了你的情感可以承担,

Hey,do not obscure your feelings ,see this year of 2009, 


when undertaking and courage may  make sense.


we all feel sorry for the “great master’ passing away,(Maybe refer to MJ)


Though posterity are struggling for their inheritances.


A guy used  phony 100 yuan to buy a can of Melamine,(Refer to horrible milk powder event)


A guy  upwards “youth” to sky at a speed of 70 yards.


Parents paid for getting  their  own computer-addicted


.kidselectric shock


On behalf of moon , erotic webs are wiped out by justified decision,

( it is illegal and represents a very low-level behavior to watch erotic movies,and moon means justice)


 Finally China are ahead of the world on football gambling. 


“Xiao Shenyang ” in skirt got populares by <it is not an issue of money>,(Xiao Shenyang ,he got popular by our New Year’s Day television gala ,good at singing and folk art,he wore dresses in red color )

 嘿 是什么刺痛了你的视线

Hey,what pricks your sight,


 In the end,you stand up to give a speech in a so loud voice.


I saw your making a fist no longer wearisomely and timidly.


Have Gotten  rid of silence, the year of 2009,


Housing price drove all the rich guy to be economical .


Elder single women turns their eyes to GEM .


 <Assassins and Bodyguards> chased after <Prison break>  ( She seems mentioned two TV shows here)


How come  marriage life and love become  shorter ?


Copenhagen conference were all about climate changes,


 During  snowy nights,we lived  in Beijing.


Our nation fought against H1N1 in one heart,


<2012>became  the most profitable forecast.


Shui bian Chen is being  judged in Taiwan.


Aomen has returned China for ten years .


   Real estate  developer are being cursed by young people, 


   Our happiness index has been  lower  than 10 years ago.

嘿 能不能停下来慢一点你真实的样子我看不见

 Hey,can you slow down a little,your face ,I can’t see

嘿 为什么快乐还是这么难依然浮躁

Hey,why happiness are still being so hard to get,impetuous


and lonely as usual, in this year of 2009

嘿 你终于睁开了你的双眼试着去看清时事的变迁,

Hey,you finally opened your eyes trying to figure out this transitions

嘿 不要再模糊了你的情感可以承担

Hey,do not be so puzzled ,cos  you can still stand for it.


It  no longer remained  silent,this year of 2009.

parting words

Keep me updated.I will provide more information.


An Unhappy “Winner”:No Comparison,Be Passionate!


                   Sometimes we do not know we  have made  a comparison  ,while we have done. Comparison is toxic to group A and group B . Group C  never need comparison,they find their work  is  fascinating.

                   Months ago,a cute boy asked me,”Do you think it is  a fault  to compare  yourself with  those succesful ones? Mom always scold me for my doing bad on test  compared to  my cl.assmates Comparing yourself with others is silly!” 

            “Sure,family education,social status,esp.those goodness and rightness judged by  your  parents mostly determines your preference to value everything around.Since we were born,we are doomed to be in different levels from our background to some degree. It is fair to the world. It is the diversity of human beings.Your mum wants you to become better,but she  makes  a mistake that  are  being  made  by tons of thousands of mothers.It doesn’t make no sense.We should come as we are,living for our comforts,instead of  do what can bring success to the successful.”

  As moms.  “You yelled to  your kids  as a way to tell them how you define comparison,hey.catch up,hurry up.How many kids of the same age are walking ahead of you! ”

                    Haven’t  noticed its consequences yet? —  kids  probably act for an indirect purpose by comparison.They learn those who does better have learnt  without  any curiosity of  finding  an answer  to  their own questions ,or asking themselves what  real important to them.Because they want to become successful as well.

                 I am  sure  that comparison  is a silly mindset. As  few people in the world will think then  take effective actions for their own preference  after their so-called comparison.

               As far as I know, two groups of people  aren’t able to become happy winner  owing to  immature comparison.

 people  of group 1  do not know where they want to be in life.

They feel irritated,upset,inconfident and lost in their dairy life.

Why Mr.A  always has a good sale record.Why Ms.B is so attracted by men.Why Mr.C can pass any tests easily while hangs out every night in the club.

yeah,we all need our presence being felt .This is one  of our basic needs.

But they put it in the wrong place.They make a very obvious and ridiculous mistake.They want to get what they are not passionate  for ,while others got with passion. It is hard to imagine their situations neither now nor in future.No matter how hard they work ,how early they get up,they can’t find real values in themselves let alone bring happiness to the loved ones.

2 people of group 2 who know where they want to be in life ,due to their educational background or their responsibilities

for their positions in their company or family,they are trained to be too sure of their living patterns to change any more.

They are diligent bees who keep working all day long,what they want to have every tiny things  done ,must be done  perfectly.

They may feel super and successful by their credits in school or in  workplace,but not enjoy every living moments.We can live once ,to  them only criteria of living to the fullest is to hit a decent spot,where buries golds for the loved ones. Become whom being respected every now and then. Even though they have ever thought of change , they are so sure the forthcoming worse situation stands for their digging their own grave .

They deserve any compliments since they are forward and  hardworking.

         Many unhappy winners are almost both of the two groups of people. 

         The two groups are not  classified by how they  act ,instead it shows the purpose of their  action.They don’t work for their passion.

Why  who earn less seems  happier than you?  And you are happier than some of the haves.

To the haves who are not happy ,and to those who dream of becoming rich while complain any obstacles,WIN others is only their tools out of comparison,a kind of feeling  pretty good,making life turns out to be easier.Even if they work so hard for family or for responsibilities,they are doing something for its indirect effects!

Comparing with  people of  group A who  feel unsafe owing to

their not  enjoying  how others succeed but wanting the same results,people of Group B feel unhappy,because their persistance tells about how their define life-it is hard sometimes,take your responsibilities ,do what you should do to get where  you want .

When I can understand chinese, I was told this phases onc and more, “Do what you should do ,it will  get  you to where

you want” before my pre-school or so,this 20 more years I am constantly doing what I should do,the results turn out to be  perfect  for this post, then I write them down sharing what I know to be an happy winner.

  • 1,Where do you want to get in life (It is not the results of  your work  but how do you deal with everyday with great passion for your work,calm down,you are your unique self.)
  •  2,Does what you should do has something to do with who you want to be.
  • 3.If it does,you are group 3. If it doesn’t work out,why?? Ask yourself why it didn’t bring you with your estimate value.You are group A or group B.Would you dare to change ?Would you?
  • 4.REMEMBER. Happy winner regards their life as   consecutive  repetitions of  failures and success .Winners are so passionate in their games.They get excited by how to roll big snowball but not struggle for a snowball as a back-up plan.
  • 5.Now,To  get what you want,you need Food to eat,warm room to sleep in,healthy.This is the foundation.What’s more??Do not ask me what’s more.I am so surely believe that in this world no one doesn’t know how to get what they want.Remember,if you use,SHOULD,NEED,HAVE TO before the things  you want,you may seem very weird.Such as I should  eat otherwise I would die of  hunger.

Now I may get you clear the unnecessary of comparison.Do you know where you really want to get ? And are you happy on the way now?

Time for quote from  Steve job ,commencement speech at Stanford.(Group 3)

         “So I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out okay.It was pretty scary at the time,but looking back  it was one of the best decisions I ever made.The minutes I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didn’t interest me ,and begin dropping in on the ones the looked far more interesting.”

         “Again,you can’t connect the dots looking forward,you can only connect them looking backwards.So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something-your gut,,whatever-because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart,even when it leads you off the well-worn path,and that will make all the difference.”

                  Steve job is an awesome winner. And you are intelligent,see the difference.

Parting words.

Practise makes perfect.

Though I am reallly unwilling to write in English before,I was afraid of mistakes .

Now I know it’s one good step to be perfect .For good or for whatever.I am passionate!

Start whatever even if  you are afraid of failure,live for your passion.We can make all the differences.

What is your opinion towards my topic? Any feedback is welcome!

How Japanese Reject Chinese part-time Job Hunters in a Saving Face way


                               This is Nan Qin from A Room with a View.

                             As we know,many chinese college graduates apply for their master or doctor degree out of  the mainland of China.AS the number of college graduates who study in Japan soar up these years,those Japanese restaurants become strict to Chinese part-time job hunting students.

People living in Japan especially big city like Tokyo are very polite.Yes,all walks of life are included.They may lead you to know a new version of  socializing,which means both parts get benefit,both parts save time,and both parts feel comfortable. As a student who  graduated from college in the Northeastern part of China,I am going to give  you the first hand examples : Pay attention to here,there are the methods about How Japanese  Reject Chinese part-time job hunters in a saving face way

1.Tell me your cell phone number.When the employer comes back ,I will let him know as soon as possible.

The rules here for hunting part-time job is very simple.Call them ,then comes the interview.”Tell me your cell phone number.When the employer comes back ,I will let him know as soon as possible”,this one used by Japanese  Cafeteria,ramen store or whatsoever. If one tells his cell phone number ,he also wants his friend’s number written ..No problem.

There is no limitation of  how many people introduced by me indirectly.

Tt  is nevermind how many times I correct the mispronouncing numbers.

Feel free to ask them what you are unclear bout .Feel free to ask When you will get your call back.

The key is that they will give the answers that you feel pleased with,then you feel its time  hung up .

2.”We don’t need part-time job worker “,which is contradicted to the bulletin on their doors.

The bulletin calling for part-time workers  on the wall  for months.It is clearly written the payment differing from time period. One day,my friend gave a call to a cafeteria when passed by. I was standing beside her looking towards  the cateria.I saw an attendant answered the phone while looking towards the pedestrians. After a few seconds, my friend told me,she said a full-time attendant is only needed.

3.Only can say little Japanese ? It is absolutely unacceptable!

Remember,they only need an excuse to reject you,and if  that is slipping out of your words,you are great!You give them a hand in time.

.I was so excited to find a Chinese hot-pot restaurant , When had a trip in shibuya,tokyo.Because its franchise is given by a restaurant in where I was grown-up.I knocked its door owing to a sense of pride. After a five-minute talk,the shopkeeper asked me ,can  you speak japanese? I was a little surprised by such a question,then answered modestly,not fluently yet,just little. ”

“just little isn’t qualified for this position.”he repied.  I knew i was out.Then asked him,

Are you a Japanese? “

“yes,I am a Japanese” ,he entered the kitchen then.

4.I am very sorry,I do not need  Chinese.

Rejection is every human being’s Right.Since we were able to choose ,we are facing rejection by others or by our  feelings after a series of pratice.The overwhelming apology in a soft voice by japanese women is no doubt  better than a painkiller.It is free,especially the over-emphasized SORRY seems  the most graceful words in this situation.

5.You are not great at Japanese,call me then!Or have you already passed one Q? (the topmost level for Japanese )

You are not great at Japanese,call me then!

I like they say,You are not great at Japanese.Because it is true.Appropriate passive words is the drive for better though.I believe that A real friend point out your weakness  in front of you.

6.”OKAY,please come for an interview.”

“Do you need a part-time worker”

“ can come for an interview”

It is an unforgettable experience for now.I easily got the chance for an interview in a post office.After filling out the paper for basic info(Without asking for your foreigner registration card),a worker spent 15 minutes explaining your working procedures.Then handed you over a calculating machine after showing you how to add the numbers up as he did.”No matter how long you take,it is Okay,be sure it is correct. “

Just imagine how easy it is for a child in primary school.

Then after one week I received a letter in honorific for rejection.

Parting words

As for me,the most miserable part in my life is to follow a routine. There are already 6 ways to reject others.More are on its way maybe ,It is like a sort of art to me somehow. I belive in life what matters to me not  how much /many I get(not get),but by what way  can I get(not get) it.

There is a lot in their rejection.

Well, what have you already learned from
“how the japanese reject Chinese part-time job hunters in a saving face way?